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"I love the shine it brought out in my hair."

I bought the hair nourishing oil and used it for the first time today - a little goes a long way. I love the shine it brought out in my hair and it smells amazing. Definitely recommend this product.

- Patricia Zerr

"I have fine hair that is easily weighed down."

I tried the LOMA Rosemary Peppermint shampoo/body wash and the Moisturizing Conditioner & Body butter on the advice of my stylist. I was a little hesitant because I have fine hair that is easily weighed down. I love both products and they don't weigh down my hair! The scent is very refreshing as well. ~Heather

"...Loma gave me hope."

My friend who’s a hair stylist told me about Loma when I mentioned to her that I had struggled with a dry, itchy, sensitive scalp all my life. I tried every shampoo I could but nothing seemed to effectively treat my dry scalp and was natural enough for daily use. In December, she bought me the Loma nourishing shampoo & conditioner along with the deep conditioner to try out and it took some time getting used to it but after a couple of weeks I was genuinely amazed at the fact that I wasn’t itchy AT ALL and had no more dandruff. Like none. Zero. For a long time, I genuinely believed that I would just have to live with a dry, itchy scalp for the rest of my life but Loma gave me hope. It restored my confidence in my scalp & hair believe it or not. I am so SO grateful I found Loma, I ordered more yesterday and (I’m so excited to try the leave-in conditioner). I just want you to know that I am literally recommending Loma to everyone I know lol. All I can really say is thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! To the founder that created Loma and to the amazing team that makes this company what it is. If for whatever reason you were ever starting to doubt the impact your products make, I hope this testimony helps you to recognize that your products really do change the lives of the people that use them. With love, Destiny

"My Hair Is Happy..."

I love, love, love the Essentials Moisturizing Styling Cream. I have been using LOMA products for years, but this å styling cream is the best!!! I am Puerto Rican and have naturally curly hair and there’s never been just one product that makes it shine, curl and keep the curl, and not frizz up. I use more product on rainy/snow days to keep the frizz at bay and less so on dryer days. In just a couple of weeks of use I find myself leaving my house with more confidence that my hair is happy, working with me, and will look good through the day!
Thank you!


I just tried the LOMA the Rosemary Peppermint shampoo/body wash and the Moisturizing Conditioner & Body butter as a body wash and body butter. Phenomenal. I’ve used LOMA hair products for years loving the quality and outcome. Many times I and others I’ve turned on to their products have mentioned how they clear up forms of itching, psoriasis, etc. and why didn’t they create products for the entire body. Now they do. I’m so thrilled. As a person who struggles with skin issues, I’m so happy to have a product that smells and feels like luxury and also soothes the skin completely.~Christine

"Like all Loma products, truly beautiful!"

Just wow. I've been a Loma customer for 23 yrs because they are simply the best, & their new essentials scalp-focused line is truly incredible. SO hydrating to my naturally dry scalp & hair, soothing & calming. Makes my coarse dry hair soft, shiny, & frizz-free curls. Like all Loma products, truly beautiful! ~Jennifer Huff, @frankifer_07

"I keep wanting to tell everyone to try this line!!"

"Ok, I love LOMA products period. This line however is phenomenal. I have been burdened my entire life with dry scalp almost like psoriasis and fight flaking. This stuff is keeping my scalp moisturized and my curly dry hair looks amazing. I keep wanting to tell everyone to try this line!! Oh and the aromatics are wonderful. I am hooked!!" ~Jennifer McCarthy

"Loma is one of the few products that are ok for me to use without causing a reaction."

"I have been a Loma user for the past 9 years. I love most range of products especially the shampoos and conditioners. I have real bad contact dermatitis on my hands, Loma is one of the few products that are ok for me to use without causing a reaction. Thank you." ~Odin Moreira, ODIN MOREIRA@RG'S HAIR DESIGN

"Makes my hair feel so silky soft!"

"Super essential shampoo, conditioner, and styling leave-in that makes my hair feel so silky soft, manageable with less frizz plus doesn't irritate my scalp! It is my favorite line of hair and scalp care products! Thank you!" ~Vickie

"Thank you for creating a line with the scalp in mind!"

"I have psoriasis and have been using the Loma essentials line for a few weeks — It actually calms down the burn and itch. I absolute love the leave in. I find it calms and soothes my curls, its not heavy and for the first time... no frizz! I absolutely love the essential line! Thank you for creating a line with the scalp in mind!" ~Kelli Michele, @kellimichele22

"So far I am a huge fan!"

"I tried the new essentials shampoo and conditioner and so far I am a huge fan. I’ve been struggling lately with an itchy scalp and hair fall. I am not sure if they are related but my scalp feels way better. I even forced my husband to give it a try and he admitted that he really loved the product. The shampoo allows for a generous lather and the conditioner does not weigh my hair down." ~Amanda

“My hair is healthier than ever”

"I have NEVER loved a hair product more. My hair is healthier than ever, even after a few uses. The Smoothing Crème is essential for me to straighten my hair because of my natural curls. LOVE LOVE LOVE." ~Victoria

“I am so happy to have found your shampoo”

"I am 46 years old with long thick curly hair that I have dyed since I was 21. My oldest daughter is 23 with long thin straight hair and my youngest daughter is 16 with long thick curly hair. The 3 of us LOVE it and LOVE the orange smell. Most of all we love how it makes our hair feel. Pretty amazing that we have 3 different hair types and that shampoo works wonders on it. I just wanted to thank you for making such an amazing product." ~Katie, Tori and Heather

“I LOVE the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner”

"This is the BEST shampoo and conditioner I have ever used!! I LOVE the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. It has literally cured my scalp psoriasis and leaves my fine hair so shiny and full of body and volume - it is unbelievable!! I am a loyal fan of this product and have been spreading the word to everyone - thank you for creating such a wonderful product!" ~Kathy

"I love Loma and stand behind its purity and integrity"

"Loma has changed my life working in the salon and on set. The beauty and simplicity, from styling hair or keeping up the condition of the hair, is remarkable. I love Loma and stand behind its purity and integrity. P.S. the nourishing conditioner has cured several of my clients severe dry scalp. Thank you Loma." ~Laura, STYLIST at SEATTLE STYLE SALON

“My hair feels like it's healthier than it's ever been!”

"Love Loma products because they make my hair feel so soft, clean and overall HEALTHY. In fact, my hair feels like it's healthier than it's ever been! I have long, thick hair and constantly had have struggles with dry, dead ends, but honestly have been able to grow my hair out longer and easier and have healthier looking ends since using Loma." ~Kelsey

"Not only does it make my hair look good, my hair feels good"

"Loma has helped my hair so much. I have very thick and dry hair, and it was damaged from heat and over use. My hair stylist used Loma on my hair once, and my hair life was changed. My hair was so soft and healthy; it hadn’t been like that in years. I was in shock of how soft, shiny, healthy, strong, and beautiful my hair looked. Not only does it make my hair look good, my hair feels good now. I haven't found a good organic shampoo and conditioner ever until I found Loma." ~Carly

"I tell everyone I know with curly hair to try it"

"I absolutely love your Curvy Crème hair product. I went through so many different hair products and none of them held my curls the right way and they always frizzed up. I then tried Loma about 3 years ago and it completely changed my life! I can go throughout my day and still have my hair look just as good as it did in the morning! I tell everyone I know with curly hair to try it when they ask how my hair looks so good." ~Lucy

"Loma keeps my hair HYDRATED"

"As a hairstylist and working with clients I'm very picky about what products I use! I wanted to work with Loma because the ingredients are amazing! I have every single one of my clients in love with Loma at this point! My mom has been a salon owner for 38 years and Loma is probably the haircare line she has stuck with the longest! The price point is amazing, our clients love it, customer service is great, the educators are awesome, and it’s just an overall amazing product line that I can never recommend enough! Working with Loma is a no-brainer for me!
Loma keeps my hair HYDRATED! I live in Utah which has a very dry climate and it’s hard to find something to keep my hair from drying out! The nourishing oil has saved my hair! I’m also an extension wearer so I have to be careful with the products I pick and Loma keeps my extensions happy and healthy for months and months!" ~Kamdyn

"Not only does it make my hair look good, my hair feels good"

"I discovered Loma a couple years ago after I started having reactions to most hair care lines. I needed something with natural fragrance, and less chemicals. Since using Loma I’ve had no reactions, healthier and shinier hair, and my clients love it too!" ~Hailey Addie

"It's hands down our best seller!"

"We have been retailing Loma for 7 years now and it is hands down our best seller! Our clients love the way it makes their hair feel, and is very effective in so many hair types. We live in a small community and our clients love the price point of these products and makes them feel so good that they can actually afford high end products to make their hair feel and look great!" ~Holly, STYLIST at SHEAR BLISS

"My hair feels like it's healthier than it's ever been!"

"I was drawn to trying LOMA for its natural ingredients. Here I am 6 years later still using it every day behind the chair. My clients can’t get enough of how soft and healthy their hair feels. Plus, every single LOMA product smells like heaven! It sells itself." ~Mackenzie

"I have the best hair of my life at 65!"

"I have horse hair. Or I did before I was advised to try Loma nourishing shampoo and conditioner. I have the best hair of my life at 65! Also - Loma provides the best customer service and incredible value!" ~Kate

"...I will be a customer for life."

"I ordered Loma after getting a sample. Tried the shampoos absolutely love them my hair feels fabulous it’s soft it’s shiny. Now my husband uses the rosemary shampoo and body wash smells great. So happy we found Loma I will be a customer for life." ~Raffaella

"The new line is great!"

"I have sensitive skin so using Loma products has been a blessing. The new line is great! I like that it’s two in one…. I will be getting more." ~Cheryl

"I regret not trying it sooner!"

"I have doubted the promises of shampoos and conditioners. None have worked for my hair, and I’ve tried many! I randomly tried Loma during a sale at a salon. I regret not trying it sooner! Just after one use my hair was unbelievably soft and felt so healthy! After a few washes my hair lost its frizz and my dandruff has seemed to vanish! My hair is healthy, soft and my waves are vibrant and alluring! I love Loma and have found my new shampoo and conditioner!" ~Koda

"I absolutely LOVE their products and so do my clients!"

"I started using Loma products a little over two years ago. I brought them into my salon studio because I wanted a more natural product line to offer to my clients. I also liked that it was a smaller line of products. I absolutely LOVE their products and so do my clients! It’s usually the smell of the shampoos and conditioners that get my clients asking about them first. The essential oils that are used create such pleasant fragrances! I especially love using the Fortifying Repairative Tonic as a bond builder in my color and lightener formulas. That and the Nourishing Oil Treatment are my go to products." ~Forest, OWNER at DESERT FOREST HAIR DESIGN

"I am so impressed with the items but also with this company and service."

"I have sensitive skin so using Loma products has been a blessing. The new line is great! II just recently tried several Loma products and I am so impressed with the items but also with this company and service. The scents are subtle but so decadent. I am absolutely in love with the curly hair products, deep conditioning, and nourishing oil. My husband and I are also using the new essentials peppermint and rosemary shampoo and conditioner and are 100% sold. I’m using the conditioner on hair but love it as body butter - skin is so soft and feels so refreshed. I also love that a little goes a long way so these products will last!" ~Janice, @janofthegrove, @DogsandLipstick on TikTok